Dr. Carrie Thompson

Dr. Thompson’s father was a farmer, and due to the demands of his job, he had to take excellent care of his body. And he did! What was his secret? Receiving chiropractic care regularly. It helped him stay in the best shape possible, so he could continue to work hard and support his family!

“I remember these memories of my Father well,” yet her up-close experience with chiropractic care took place later on in life.

“My college roommate had been through a painful accident and needed relief. So, I accompanied her to a chiropractic clinic and saw what I believed to be… a miracle. I was amazed because after her adjustment, she already felt better and soon she was healthy and feeling incredible again!

During her appointment, the doctor explained how the spine affected various parts of the body and how the body was designed to heal itself. “My epiphany was that chiropractic care truly does wonders!”

Discovering Chiropractic as a Career

“After I was exposed to the benefits of chiropractic care, I wanted to pursue it as a career. Why? I wanted a hands-on, natural way to help people change their lives and that’s exactly what chiropractic is. The fact that so many positive changes could occur by adjusting the spine is so fascinating to me!”

Witnessing people find relief and heal from within was so incredible that medicine did not interest Dr. Thompson anymore.

“I then made the move to attend Northwestern College. Their curriculum was comprehensive and challenging and I liked it. It was a really exciting time for me.”

The courses gave Dr. Thompson the confidence, knowledge and professionalism to open Sugar Creek Chiropractic. She’s now been a chiropractor in Chaska since 1987, helping people through chiropractic care and loving every moment of it.

My Greatest Passion Is Also My Greatest Duty

How? “While chiropractic care is my passion and drive in life, it also is very difficult for me to see that apprehensions about it still exist.”

In spite of a proven success and results, people are often apprehensive about chiropractic care. Some have a prejudice against it and some criticize it. Why? “My guess is that its because some don’t fully understand chiropractic care and how it works. That’s why I’m here.”

“My duty is for you understand that chiropractic is a safe, gentle, natural way of helping your body heal itself. And thus, it can heal your entire life.”

My Perspective on Being Active

“I believe it’s important to talk the talk, and walk the walk. So, I try to live an active, well-balanced life!”
When she’s not in the office, Dr. Thompson likes to garden, cook fresh and eat healthy. “I also enjoy cross-country skiing, riding bicycles, weight training and taking Zumba classes. I participate in community service because it’s important to me to give back to the beautiful Chaska area.”

“Call me so we can set up a time to meet, listen to each other, and see how I can help you!”