Amazing Relief

I was a chiropractic skeptic. NOT ANYMORE! The care I am receiving, and the relief I am feeling, both amazing!
-Diane W.

Knowledgeable And Caring

As a new patient, Dr. Carrie seems very knowledgeable and caring. Looking forward to reaching my goals with Sugar Creek Chiropractic!
-Mary L.

I’m back to enjoy the things I like!

In the early 90’s my son, Matt suffered a serious injury in a football game (involving a dislocated pelvis). The sports department at Shakopee High School recommended that he see Dr. Carrie at Sugar Creek Chiropractic. After a short number of treatments, he was able to return to playing football, which was impressive.

A short time later, my right arm was having spells of “going to sleep.” My M.D. recommended seeing an orthopedic surgeon. My first thought was that I didn’t want to have surgery and my second thought was that maybe Dr. Carrie could help me. My left shoulder was 1 ½ inches higher than my right (mostly caused from cradling a phone at my work for too many years). It took a while, but Dr. Ross was able to literally straighten me out with her treatments.

I enjoy decorating, cooking and gardening. At age 62, I was feeling well enough and strong enough to work as a landscape assistant at Valley Fair for 4 years until my husband retired (a physically demanding job!).

Dr. Carrie is continuing to care for my aging body so that I can continue to enjoy doing the things that I like and be pain free.”

– Linda P.

I was in constant pain!

“When I came to Sugar Creek Chiropractic last winter, I could barely walk. I had a pronounced limp and my gluts, knees and left hip were in constant pain. Dr. Carrie, over the course of the next six months, performed a miracle. I had a shortened right leg which she lengthened which therefore stopped the knee pain. I am once again even legged and able to exercise and walk. I would recommend Sugar Creek Chiropractic to anyone! Having said that, I must admit that before coming to the clinic I did not believe in chiropractic. Bless my change of heart!”

– Marianne L.

Very Good Service

Dr. Carrie is very knowledgeable and helps me a lot. Even when I show up early, she takes me in right away. I am so glad I found her (in phone book). She has fun events too! (25th anniversary celebration).

-Deb C.

Dr. Carrie keeps me together

Dr. Carrie is an exceptional Chiropractor (and I’ve been to quite a few). After several severe accidents, she keeps me together.

– Sue E.

My preventative medicine plan

I have been a patient of Dr. Carrie’s since the mid 1980’s. I have a chronic back issue due to breaking my pelvis as a teenager. Chiropractic and Sugar Creek are part of my preventive medicine plan. It is due to Sugar Creek I walk everyday with no pain.

– Jo M.

I enjoy going to see a doctor!

“I have had a great time here. Everyone was SO friendly. I always enjoyed my time here and it really helped me a lot. When you don’t have anyone to talk to very much, it really helped. I never in all my life thought I would enjoy going to see a doctor. But you made that possible for me and now I really enjoy going to my appointments. I will always remember this place!!”

– Beverly H.