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Goal-based Approach Based on What’s Best for You!

Want to get rid of pain? Or want to stay healthy and active throughout our life? Here at Sugar Creek Chiropractic, we follow a goal-based approach to care based on what you want to get out of it. We work with you to achieve these goals of relief, wellness, having more energy, etc.

Will you have to see us forever? Not necessarily. The best chiropractic care for you depends on your goal.

Most often we find that people enjoy the way they feel with care, so they tend to come back on their own!

Your First Visit

Welcome! When you enter our cheerful office, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and have everything you need. You can enjoy our cozy, living room-like area, just like you’re at home. Next you’ll complete the documentation and insurance information. Or, you can download our new patient form from our website and bring it in with you!

Before beginning your evaluation, we’ll show you a short video explaining the basics of chiropractic care. Then, Dr. Thompson asks you about your goals and needs and analyzes your health history (Reference records of previous scans, x-rays or tests will be requested if necessary).

So that you can plan your time, this first visit generally takes about an hour.

Second Visit

On your second visit Dr. Thompson will discuss the Report of Findings and your options for care. Once you’ve agreed to a plan of care we will begin adjustments as necessary.

Subsequent Visits

Regular visits will focus on helping you get relief and feeling your best. These visits will take around half an hour.

Ready to get started? We can’t wait to meet you! Schedule an appointment and join the many smiling faces helped through chiropractic care!